It was a dark, rainy eve in Lancaster, Pennsylvania this past July 11, but Baroness delighted the near-capacity crowd at the famed Chameleon Club with a mesmerizing and stirring performance to officially kick-off their Gold and Grey tour.

Gold & Grey, a contender for best record of 2019 (which we review here), was the focus of the performance with the band playing no less than seven cuts from the album – many of which – were for the very first time ever live. This was in addition to classics like “A Horse Called Golgotha,” and “Chlorine and Wine.”

The intimate space in Lancaster was the perfect locale for Baroness, who, undoubtedly felt the energy from the crowd, with many traveling from Philly and other parts of the state to get there. Crowd reaction was particularly intense for the breathtaking “Tourniquet” and the heartfelt “Chlorine and Wine.”

John Baizley and Gina Gleason were completely in sync with each other and playing off one another’s energy with tons of “back to back” dual leads and a clear synergy on stage. Rhythm section Nick Jost and Sebastian Thomson also clearly had a great time playing the show with constant smiles and interactions throughout their crushing performance.

The Gold & Grey Tour continues in the US through July and August. Tour dates and tickets can be found here. You’ll want to get your tickets now as many of these shows will sell out, especially as the record continues to gain well-deserved praise from critics and fans alike.



Set List:

A Horse Called Golgotha

March to the Sea



Greent Theme


Can Obscura

I’m Already Gone

Cold-Blooded Angels


Shock Me

Chlorine and Wine

Encore (with double-neck guitar)

Ogeechee Hymnal


Take My Bones Away