Death metal band’s track listing ends up on a comedy album

Posted by on April 27, 2016

We’ll the first to admit that we’ve never heard of Bernie Clifton or Abhorrent Decimation. Clifton’s a comedian (who’s known for riding an ostrich, pictured right)  while unsurprisingly, the latter is a death metal band. Why are we writing about this? Because the BBC wrote about the band’s track listing being printed on the back of the comedian’s CD. Maybe this was just a understandable mix up? Maybe they had similar lyrics? Yeah, not even close. Take a look at this masterpiece:




Tracks from Bernie Clifton’s The Impossible Dream album Tracks from Abhorrent Decimation’s Miasmic Mutation album
Wind beneath my wings Eternal repulsion
Lady in red Souls of sedation
The sunshine of your smile Echoes of the vortex
Count your blessings Odious



This could happen to anyone, right? No? Well, anyway- the 80 year-old Clifton was more than a little upset about it, finding out as soon as he opened a CD. Abhorrent Decimation’s vocalist, Ashley Scott found out while reading the morning paper. Both agreed they’d actually like to work together. Even though it all turned out well in the end, we’d still be willing to bet someone is losing their job over this.









via [The BBC]

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