If you went to last weekend’s Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, one of the highlights of the festival might have been seeing Dave Lombardo pounding the skins in one of his post-Slayer projects. By all accounts, he slayed it in Suicidal Tendencies, whose World Gone Mad album that he played on comes out tomorrow. If you went there to see Dead Cross, another project of his featuring former The Locust members Justin Pearson and Gabe Serbian, as well as Retox’s Michael Crain, you would have been disappointed, as the band dropped off the festival not long after it was announced that they would be performing on it.

That’s not the case if you read OC Weekly, however, who picked Dead Cross as one of the six best bands of Ozzfest Meets Knotfest in an article that ran on Tuesday and is still up today. It would be borderline acceptable to single out Dead Cross as one of the best of the 40 bands playing at the two-day festival if they’d cancelled the day of and the story was a preview (even though they’d pulled out of the fest in July), but this article not only calls them one of the best bands at the festival after the fact, but makes up details about it:

The highlight of their set was the frenzy that ensued during their single “We’ll Sleep When They’re Dead,” which was released only 6 short months ago and has already garnered the band plenty of online attention.

That’s a pretty insane highlight for a band that didn’t play at all. The author also didn’t appear to know that Slipknot’s entire performance was dedicated to them revisiting their sophomore album Iowa, stating that their set had “enough time for the new stuff.” We’re wondering if the author was even at the festival, but given that the article’s still up as of us posting this, it can be assumed no one at the magazine cares.