In less than 24 hours, Iron Maiden’s new album The Final Frontier will be released in the States. It’s been four years since their last album, and that wait has felt even longer for those who weren’t too impressed with A Matter Of Life And Death. So needless to say, Maiden fans are pumped, and if you’ve seen the video for the title track, then most likely you are too.

But with the record’s release just around the corner, we at Metal Insider thought that we’d be sweethearts and help make sure that you’re not getting screwed by the man (or at least by his prices). We researched a few well known outlets (both physical and digital) that are selling the album to see what they are charging for the album.

First though, let’s give an overview of what type of formats of the album are actually being made available. In addition to the standard and digital versions of The Final Frontier, Maiden is also releasing:

*The “Mission Edition,” which comes in a unique CD case and includes bonus content such as “The Final Frontier” (Directors Cut) video, filmed band “Mission Debrief” interview, wallpapers, photos and the “Mission II: Rescue & Revenge” game (the sequel to the online game “Search & Savage”). This version might be listed as “Special” or “Deluxe” edition at certain stores.

*A Limited Edition Double Picture Vinyl.

*An iTunes LP version that comes with downloadable versions of “The Final Frontier” (Director’s Cut) and the “Mission Debrief” video in addition to the album in its digital format. A trailer for the iTunes LP version can be seen above.

Now that you’re acquainted with what is what, take a look after the jump to see how each outlet’s pricing matches up.


The Final Frontier : $9.99

The Final Frontier LP : $11.99


The Final Frontier : $9.99

The Final Frontier (Mission Edition) : $12.99

The Final Frontier [Double Vinyl Picture Disc] : Unavailable at the moment.

Best Buy:

The Final Frontier : $9.99 (NOTE: while the link says “Special Edition,” the price and description make it appear to be standard format)

The Final Frontier [Special Edition] : $11.99

The Final Frontier [Vinyl] : $29.99


The Final Frontier : $11.39

The Final Frontier [Special Edition] : $14.69


The Final Frontier : $12.00

The Final Frontier [Deluxe Edition] : $13.88

Newbury Comics:

The Final Frontier : $9.95

The Final Frontier [Mission Edition] : $12.85