Today In Obvious: No New Tool This Year

Posted by on July 15, 2013

toolThe last time Tool released an album, Metal Insider wasn’t even a gleam in its founders’ eyes. And while it has been over seven years since 10,000 Days came out (May 2, 2006 for those of you keeping track), drummer Danny Carey stated in a recent interview that it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing album #5 from the band this year, even as the three instrumentalists in the band continue to work on the album. Carey, who’s currently concentrating on his jazzy/proggy side project Volto!, said the following:

“It’s still the three of us right now and four of us it will be soon, you know, just working on all our parts and working on our compositions together. Stylistically, we’re trying to push things in different ways, but it always comes out sounding like Tool no matter what we’re trying to do. We’re working everyday on it and it’s going really well, so I’m hoping we’ll get into the studio by the end of the year.”

Carey went on to say that while the record could conceivably be finished by the end of the year, the logistics of getting the album manufactured and setting up their new record company would probably not be able to be completed by year’s end, and that the album will most likely be out in early 2014. On the negative side, really? Who the hell goes eight years in between albums? On the other hand, everything Tool does is usually worth the wait, and hey, looks like we’ll have a shoo-in for one of the best albums of 2014, right? RIGHT?


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