Zakk Wylde Talks About Life After Ozzy

Posted by on November 6, 2009

zakk-wylde-bar-corbis-850-100Well, it’s apparently 100% official that Zakk Wylde is no longer playing guitar for Ozzy Osbourne. In an interview with Music Radar, Zakk Wylde opens up about how he found out he wasn’t in the band. Either Zakk doesn’t remember the very public process of questioning whether he was in the band or not, or Ozzy and Sharon waited until the last possible moment to talk to him about it.  

Well, I’ll tell you how it went down. This is how it went down. Oz and Mom (Sharon Osbourne), they said, ‘Zakk, son, we need to talk to you.’ They sat me down at the kitchen table and said, ‘Zakk, we’re very proud of you, but you’re 42 years old now. We just think it’s about time you take your wife and your kids and you get the fuck outta your bedroom and grow the fuck up and get a job – because me and your mother want to enjoy our life now. I think we’ve done enough. You’re 42, now get the fuck out of the house!'”

Now, I know Ozzy is like family to you, but when it all did happen – I know you were kind of kidding – it seemed to take people [by] surprise –

“Well, I found out from Neil Zlozower, ’cause he was doing a photo shoot with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. He calls up and goes, ‘Hey dude, I hear you’re not playing with Ozzy anymore.’ I go, ‘Where’d you hear this?” And he’s like, ‘I heard it from Gene and Paul.’ So I go, ‘Well, I guess I’m not playing with Ozzy!'” [laughs]

Elsewhere in the interview, he wishes new guitarist Gus G. the best, saying he’s “fucking awesome,” and speaks about his health concerns and his newfound sobriety (which came as a result of his health issues). In all, it seems like he’s got a great attitude and a good perspective on life. Which is more than I’d be able to say after losing my job, getting blood clots and having to sober up within a few months.

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