The No Label Needed Contest & Series is a collaboration between Metal Insider and Scion to give one unsigned artist an entire DIY music industry education and launch a release without the help of a label. We’ll be posting features and updates on the contest & series periodically on Metal Insider. Find out more about No Label Needed here.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look at each of the No Label Needed finalists. Today, we’re featuring Electric Horsemen.

Formed in 2006 in Lancaster County, PA, the band is comprised of Wyatt K on guitar, Barry L on drums, Chris C on bass and Ben M on guitar and vocals. Ben took some time aside from campaigning for the lead in public votes to answer a few of our questions.

Why should people vote for you over the other finalists?

People should vote for us becasue we are good Lancaster County family-oriented gentlemen who have excellent work ethics, write great tunes, always “deliver the goods”, are not afraid to cook a meal for our ladies, juggle being husbands, boyfriends, parents and still find the time to write riff after riff of gravy-drenched tunage. We make music because we love it.

What’s been your greatest highlight?

The biggest highlight has to be the great friends we have made as a result of our escapades and places we have been that we would have never gone otherwise.

Who’s career do you admire?

Neil Young and Kirk Windstein

What is the local scene like in your home town?

For our style of metal, there is NO scene.

What’s the first metal record you ever bought?

Ride the Lightning by ‘Tallica

What metal trend would you like to see end?

Bands who have 10 word band names and all the musical talent in the world but no idea what to do with it.

Public voting for the No Label Needed Contest & Series presented by Scion runs through March 8. Visit the No Label Needed microsite to listen to Electric Horsemen and the 19 other finalists and cast your vote!