Better Know A No Label Needed Finalist: Dethlehem

Posted by on March 1, 2010

The No Label Needed Contest & Series is a collaboration between Metal Insider and Scion to give one unsigned artist an entire DIY music industry education and launch a release without the help of a label. We’ll be posting features and updates on the contest & series periodically on Metal Insider. Find out more about No Label Needed here.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look at each of the No Label Needed finalists. Today, we’re featuring Dethlehem.

Formed in 2008 in Pittsburgh, the band’s members go by Lord Bonecrush (vocals), Gallagore (bass), Overlord Brom (drums) and Hildor and Bovice (guitars). Overlord Brom took some time aside from campaigning for the lead in public votes to answer a few of our questions.

Why should people vote for you over the other finalists?

Well, I think all of the other bands on this contest are amazing. Congratulations to everyone who made it into the Top 20! However, I think that we stand out a little bit because we have a somewhat original concept with the whole “medieval/fantasy/goofy” theme. Yes, we aren’t the first band to dress up in goofy costumes, but instead of taking it really seriously, like some folk metal bands overseas (who I am not knocking at all… there are so many good folk metal bands out there), I think we are trying to laugh together, with everyone, about how ridiculous our songs can be. “War of Wizards” is about a bunch of old bearded men fighting in a field and we are stuck in the middle, just killing a bunch of them, because we need to gain more XP to finish our quest. Our whole album is about a quest to destroy an evil, goblin king who can shapeshift into a dragon. It’s self-produced, by the way.

What has been your most challenging moment as an unsigned metal band?

It’s incredibly challenging for an unsigned/local/regional band with limited money to put on a good stage show and afford the means to expand outside of your home city. We all spent a ridiculous amount of money on warrior garb, and we don’t want to stop there. So, funding for ridiculous, epic shit that we can use on stage is always a pain in the ass. Also, getting a promoter to give you a few extra minutes to set up the dangling fire pits on my drumset is kind of difficult too.

Who’s career do you admire?

Well, I can’t speak for everyone in the band, but I really admire The Dillinger Escape Plan. They’ve gone through a bunch of line-up changes, and now have their own label set to release their next album in March. I just admire the drive those guys have to continue doing what they want to do. Their music style has changed over the years, and I really enjoy listening to bands grow and mature their sound and NOT produce the same album over and over.

What is the local scene like in your home town?

Lately the Pittsburgh music scene in general has been growing with support and it’s a good sign. The last 10-15 years have been rough with a lot of all-ages venues closing, and the lack of any quality show promotion. However, I am noticing a change, and hopefully the scene continues down this path of rebuilding, so to speak.

What metal trend would you like to see end?

Hmm, this is a tough one… I’m not trying to offend anyone here, but I’m really tired of generic hardcore music. There are too many “Top-String-Timmys” in the world. Lay off the generic breakdowns, please! I might be slightly more biased against it, since Pittsburgh is about 70% hardcore acts. So, yeah… my two cents.

Public voting for the No Label Needed Contest & Series presented by Scion runs through March 8. Visit the No Label Needed microsite to listen to Dethlehem and the 19 other finalists and cast your vote!

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