Wendys savagely flame broils metalcore bands on social media

Posted by on January 5, 2019

Giving an identity to a corporate brand can be a risky venture. What a marketing intern thinks is a brilliant idea while scheduling posts could be an ill-advised fail all around. However, Wendys has pretty much owned the space, trolling other fast food rivals and with one notable exception, doing it well. That’s why when they took a page from Reddit and announced yesterday was “Roast Day,” a lot of their 2.95 million Twitter followers wanted to be zinged by the fast food chain.

That in and of itself is great marketing, but it turns out a lot of metal bands and brands wanted to get taken down by Wendys, and either someone on their marketing team is a fan of metal, specifically metalcore, or their Wikipedia skills are strong. Along with Chelsea Grin, Miss May I, Atreyu, Attila Papa Roach and (kinda) GWAR, they also took on Lambgoat, Loudwire, Victory Records and more. Here are some of the better burns.

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