Voivod set to start recording new record soon

Posted by on July 23, 2021


Canada’s Voivod have confirmed they are ready to enter the studio, later this month, to begin recording their new record. The expectation is to have the record available in 2022 on Century media. Months back guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain spoke of their songwriting process. At the time he said to The Metal Voice,

“We’re still sharing files and trying to catch up and put more time into it. I think the situation will get better and maybe we’ll have a chance to meet more often and jam together; that’s where the magic happens, usually. But we’ve learned to work in this context as well. And that’s cool, because I received a bunch of tracks from Away, who is programming drums in Logic with his computer, and it sounded exactly like Away’s playing. I was super impressed, because sometimes when you use a computer, it kind of sounds square. But everything was perfect. So it’s really fun to do. It’s a different way. So it’s gonna bring it different ideas, I think, if we welcome it in a creative way.”

The new record will follow 2018’s The Wake and the live album,”Lost Machine – Live” released in November.


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