URM Academy has launched its groundbreaking How It’s Done production course, featuring the legendary Swedish music producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Dimmu Borgir) and Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Ihsahn (Emperor). This comprehensive series was executive produced by URM’s CEO and co-founder Eyal Levi (founding member of Dååth), and delves into Bogren’s production, engineering, and mixing techniques in unprecedented detail. The course follows the creation of Ihsahn’s Fascination Street Sessions EP, where the song “The Observer” will be featured. Spanning 35 hours, the course offers real-time insights into every step of the production process, which Jens will explain in full detail during the production of Ihsahn’s music. Available for a limited time at $349 (or three payments of $129), the course includes technical aspects, multi-tracks, a workbook, Q&A sessions with Bogren, and more. Don’t miss this unique opportunity, as once the sale period ends, the course will no longer be accessible.


Bogren comments:

“This course will serve as a compass for the aspiring producer to navigate the crooked map that is metal music production. It will help you understand the psychological aspects, the theories behind, as well as being THE practical handbook on how it’s actually done. My “How It’s Done “was created to be the most in-depth course for metal music production ever made. As much as it’s a practical handbook for all tasks involving production, recording and mixing, it’s also a road map for the thought-process and the psychological aspects of working with an artist. Newbies or seasoned professionals: everyone will have something to learn from this.”


Ihsahn states:

“This course showcases all the technology, but also all the magic of traditional recording in extreme detail, by one of the finest engineers and producers I ever had the pleasure of working with. I know everyone who gets this will be just as inspired as I was during the process of making it.”


Levi adds:

“URM Academy was founded to show you how metal and rock music is actually produced in real life, by the people who make the records you love. This “How It’s Done” course is the pinnacle manifestation of our mission statement. Jens Bogren and Ihsahn truly committed to creating a transparent, comprehensive and practical guide for the modern metal producer. Regardless of what level of skill or experience you’re at, if you’re trying to improve your metal productions, this course is for you.”


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