Upon a Burning Body singer ready to ditch drama

Posted by on October 29, 2015

After faking his own kidnapping last year as a publicity stunt for a new Upon a Burning Body album, then getting roughed up by former GWAR vocalist Kim Dylla a few months ago, Danny Leal of Upon a Burning Body is ready to clean up his act. Last year’s The World Is My Enemy Now still managed to debut at #39, and now Leal is ready to distance himself “from negativity or drama.”

Said Leal in a Facebook post:

“I’m not a rockstar. But no matter what you do people will still look for a way to portray you in a bad light. Sometimes I might stay in the van because I’m not having a good day and don’t want to give off any negative vibes.. but people will immediately put the stamp on it.. “oh he’s being an asshole. douche.” But its not like that at all. I’ve had my fun and crazy times back in the day, but right now I’m trying to center myself with a healthier lifestyle and separate myself from negativity or drama. I’ve adopted the pescatarian style of eating, picked up some coloring books, and haven’t had a drink on this tour. Right now I’m just trying to take care of my wife and kid with this great gift that I’ve been given the opportunity to do.”

Upon a Burning Body is on the road right now with The Devil Wears Prada and Motionless in White, and they’ll be out until November 20th.

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