Two elderly men escape nursing home facility to attend Wacken Open Air Festival

Posted by on August 6, 2018

The truth is, you are never too old or young to listen to metal. The late Christopher Lee who is known for his acting career, especially for his role as Count Dracula, was also a metalhead. The actor released a few metal albums when he was well into his 80s that also included him taking home the Spirit of Metal award from 2010’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods ceremony. We’ve also seen an elderly man rock out to Metallica in his car. And now, according to Deutsche Welle, two old German men escaped from their nursing home last Friday (3rd) to attend this year’s Wacken Open Air Festival.

It’s been reported that the nursing home notified the police after they discovered the men fled from the facility. At around 3AM, the men were found at the festival as they were both escorted back home. Hopefully, they were able to rock out to as many bands as possible including Epica, Cannibal Corpse, Amorphis, Korpiklaani, and more who were scheduled that day.


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