The Word Alive peacefully retrieve stolen gear, receive backlash

Posted by on December 1, 2021

The Word Alive are currently on a US tour with Starset. While in Michigan the band had some of their belongings stolen from them. Luckily @Philthelightguy had equipped the stolen items with tracking devices called Airtags. The Airtags allowed the band to travel to the exact location of their stolen possessions and attempt to retrieve them. What happened next was inspiring. The band bartered for their belongings offering the thieves a combination of marijuana, whiskey, and money ($20) in exchange for their own stuff.

The band has received some negative feedback regarding their chosen tactics, but the band’s frontman Tyler “Telle” Smith addressed the negative feedback aimed towards the band on Twitter.

Smith posted, on Twitter, the basic account of what went down once the band arrived at the assailants house. Some commented about how dangerous their approach was and wondered why the police weren’t called, while others disagreed with the band basically paying off the alleged thieves. Smith revealed that the band did try to involve the police, but they didn’t show up.

Smith commented on Twitter,

“To anybody confused: Yes we called cops, no they didn’t care nor did they come. We had to leave out of state to continue tour. We knew approaching them non-aggressively was smarter, we tried to make the most of a bad situation in hopes of getting our belongings and staying safe.”

Check out the entire Twitter thread here.


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