Earlier this month, we reported that Oslo’s Neseblod Records, located on the premises of what served as the legendary Helvete, suffered from a fire in its fabled basement on the evening of April 9. This news devastated the metal community, given the shop’s status as a cultural mecca. As Neseblod announced on Instagram, the basement has been emptied and will be renovated. In the meantime, customers can visit the top floor, which has reopened.

Fortunately, music enthusiasts proved quick to show their appreciation for Neseblod, contributing to its recovery. Following the damage, a GoFundMe campaign was launched and quickly surpassed its goal of £22,500. Those interested in supporting the store can also visit Neseblod’s online shop.

Grethe and Kenneth Neseblod opened their shop in 2013. Euronymous, who co-founded Mayhem and posthumously continues to serve as one of black metal’s most influential figures, operated Helvete from 1991-1993, making the space an important part of Norwegian history. Neseblod housed the biggest black metal collection, besides that of music historian, author, and curator Finn Håkon Rødland. We hope that many of the items contained will return soon.