It is no big secret that heavy metal and religion have not always been the best of friends. A couple torched buildings and anti-religious sentiments here and there and you end up with a full scale stereotype on all it’s people. Really though, when you get right down to it, the two really have a lot more in common than you would expect. Fire, brimstone, and the end of times grace the verses of our favorite verses, both in our songs and Bibles. The language sometimes has a similar elegance even. This little similarity sparked something in the minds of Luke Lewis and Paul Curry of Buzzfeed (thanks Reddit) to make, asking the simple question: is that a heavy metal lyric or a verse from the Bible?

Test your knowledge in a game, where you’re given either a verse or a lyric, and you have to choose where it belongs. Is it from Slayer or Revelations, Iced Earth or Psalms? It’s surprisingly harder than you think, as everything sounds pretty metal when you recite it to the backing track that plays along with the game.


I got a 14 out of 16. Test your skills here.