Suicidal Tendencies’ free LA gig cut short by cops, band’s recent album could be their last

Posted by on June 5, 2017

According to a recent interview on Full Metal Jackie with Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir, 2016’s World Gone Mad could be their final full length album. However, it won’t stop them from recording new music:

“I think it’s a whole different process now because previously it used to be, “Okay, time to do another record. We go into here, record, you go into the studio and you’re paying money.” You have everything planned out before you even go into here. Now with the good side of music and I guess everyone has their own studio or everyone can have Pro Tools, so you can go in at any time so you don’t sit there and go, “Well we have two weeks!” So you don’t think about it.

We found that over the years we record a lot of stuff just because we love doing music and having fun and not necessarily loving the aspect of putting it out for other people to hear or judge. But I think that with World Gone Mad, I think it’s a personal statement record to fit in with all what else we’ve got in the past. It’s a good way to end it, as I said before, at the same time we recorded an EP and there’s a possibility we might put that out. There’s a very good chance that’ll be our last album album that we do. I know Dave — every time I said, he’s like, “Hey let’s record something.” We’ll always record things, whether we put it out, I don’t know. We’ve been focusing since this record has come out and we got so much stuff already planned that I can’t even think about recording another record. I guess that’s good.”

This could be a first of a trend such as seeing bands releasing surprise tracks via their social media rather than full-length albums. 

In other Suicidal Tendencies news, yesterday (4), Council member José Huizar and LA based artist Robert Vargas unveiled a mural of frontman Muir in the Arts District of Los Angeles. Following the unveiling, the group performed a free show for their fans who were in attendance. Guess you can say the crowd went mad by destroying the nearby fence resulting in the cops cutting the set short. Footage is available from the event and you can watch it below.


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