According to Portal Schizophrenia, Progressive Rock in Spanish, Steven Wilson of internationally acclaimed prog rock act Porcupine Tree intends on reforming the project sometime in the foreseeable future. Wilson is to spend the rest of 2014 finishing up recording his fourth studio album, which is due for release in February 2015, tour in support of the album, with the possibility of reviving Porcupine Tree following the tour.

Taken from a translated version of the article (Courtesy of Google Translate):

“We have to tell you how we met the news to give credibility to this world first and explain all the details. For starters, we do not want at any time to hang us Medals: we have had the fortune and privilege, not a right or brilliance, access to this news thanks to a reader who blew the whistle, as they say Eduardo (no give. more data privacy issue), from Frankfurt, gave the track of the news, and recently have been able to confirm it by contrasting this data return with a source environment Porcupine Tree and direct relationship with the band. “I talked to xxx … me this week revealed that Wilson had said he wanted to get Porcupine Tree in a couple of years, by 2016, “and Eduardo told us the news, but we have omitted the direct source. To us it qualified us: “Maybe, we’ll see …” but confirming the intention of Wilson, which affected him directly. You may soon desvelemos identity.” (sic)


“We can only confirm that it is not a “friend of a friend” or “brother’s cousin” but someone very close to Wilson in his career.”

It has been five years since the last Porcupine Tree release, The Incident in 2009, and could potentially be another two or three before we see another, but while there is still a considerable wait, it is reassuring to know that the possibility is there and has not left Wilson’s mind (As if we really would let him forget). He’s been keeping himself busy with his solo efforts, while drummer Gavin Harrison is preoccupied with the current King Crimson revival, so while there is waiting, at least they are still working on their own creative outputs.