Steel Panther recalls encounter with a severely inebriated Zakk Wylde

Posted by on November 28, 2017

Steel Panther was the latest guest on the Talk Is Jericho podcast and reminisced about a lovely encounter with a severely inebriated Zakk Wylde. Guitarist Satchel and bassist Lexi provided the details about the altercation:

Satchel: “We played the opening to [2001’s] ‘Rock Star’ movie, the party. ‘Rock Star’ premiere, all these famous people – Zakk Wylde was there, Jennifer Aniston was there, Brad Pit, Mark Wahlberg, all these fucking people.

“And we’re just entertaining – rocking the fucking show, nobody’s paying attention. But we do a lot of talking in between our songs. And I see Zakk Wylde up there. It’s House of Blues in LA, I see him up there and I call him out.

“‘Zakk fuckin’ Wylde! I fucking see you up. Get up here on stage and jam with the fuckin’ band right now! Don’t be a fuckin’ pussy!’

“He didn’t wanna look at me, he was drunk as fuck. I say, ‘We’re not doing a damn thing until you get up on stage and fucking jam with us!’ And he started walking, he was upstairs, it took him a while. We waited and he we got up on the stage.

“He’s probably about 6’7”, he had a high heels on him, he had a fucking chain hanging from his belt, you could tow a god damn 18-wheeler with this thing! I was playing a B.C. Rich guitar, $199 B.C. Rich.

“I hand it to him, and he’s drunk, I can tell, it’s like a wild animal I’m dealing with. I hand him my guitar and he goes, ‘I ain’t playing a guitar!’ I keep my guitar, I’m not gonna give this guy my guitar. It’s crazy, he’s spitting beer… He goes ‘I’m singing!’

“And I go, ‘Alright, what do you wanna do, Zakk?’ He goes ‘Play some Marshall Tucker Band!’ I go ‘Zakk, I’ve got this giraffe spandex on right now! We’re not gonna play Marshal Tucker Band!’ [Laughs]

“So he looks at me and he goes ‘Alright! You want to play some fucking heavy metal? Play ‘War Pigs’! If you fuck it up I’m gonna beat your fucking ass!’ And we went into fucking ‘War Pigs’ and Lexxi Foxx did not know ‘War Pigs’ at all. Lexxi’s scared shitless…”

Lexxi: “There was a drum riser back there, I ran and his because his chain was so big… He was a big Captain Caveman himself and was mad. I still wanted to be in this band, it was a big deal, but to live was even bigger.

“The fog started to come around and he started breaking Heineken bottles all over the floor. He started getting mad.”

Satchel: “He started getting mad, he shattered a Heineken [bottle], everybody in the party starts panicking. It was crazy, people ran for the fucking doors. It was so scary. But it’s cool because we made it through ‘War Pigs.'”

Lexxi: “I didn’t even bother playing bass.”

Calling out a drunk Zakk Wylde never seems like a great idea but on the bright side, they now have this lavish story to share.

When Zakk isn’t terrorizing Steel Panther, he’s been busy with Black Label Society promoting their upcoming “Grimmest Hits” album. Check out the video for “All That Once Shined”.

[via Ultimate-Guitar]

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