According to, Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals’ New Zealand shows, which were scheduled to take place on March 26th in Christchurch and March 27th in Auckland have been cancelled. Following the horrific terrorist attack by an extremist right-wing/white supremacist that occurred on Friday (15th) that killed fifty innocent lives, Anselmo’s actions from 2016’s Dimebash has resurfaced. The scheduled shows became more controversial over the weekend as the New Zealand Herald slammed Anselmo reporting the scheduled events as “Philip Anselmo playing Christchurch gig despite Nazi salute and ‘white power’ remarks.” Despite Anselmo apologizing on his past behavior multiple times as well as citing he’s not a racist, both venues and touring promoter have decided to fully pull the plug.

Read the following statements below from both venues and touring promoter Ben Mulchin of Valhalla Touring:


Galatos will NOT be hosting this show in our venue on the above date. Just today, information has come to hand which has made us uncomfortable about proceeding with this show. Ticket holders pls look to the Promotors web site for further information.

“The Philip Anselmo gig has been cancelled !!!!

We are not interested in the whys so please dont ask.

We do not and will not support white supremacy or racism!!!”


“Hey guys, this is a very serious time in our nations history and as human beings. Intolerance and hatred needs to be identified, called out, reduced, enveloped and ideally educated and turned into understanding and empathy. I feel like all loving New Zealanders and humans, there should only be respect, acceptance, and love for all nationalities, creeds and sexualities. All people are equal, and all people that don’t have respect should be challenged and held accountable. This comes from a personal level and also in a professional sense. All forms of bigotry, hatred, abuse is not welcome around my profession/tours/shows/personal life, and if incidences do arrive they will be dealt with. They have in the past both verbally and physically.

I completely agree over not forgetting or ignoring Phil’s vile, deplorable actions and words in 2016 nor his pandering to a crowd in the 1990’s. He can’t take what happened back, no one can with those actions and words. There is no excuse. When his band offered to tour here I did have to soul search. Did his apologies seem earnest? Did he fully comprehend his hateful display? Were his actions and words from his heart in his apologies, or was his shameful display really who he is? Importantly did he as a prominent figure in metal take responsibility on how his actions can embolden and encourage others to hate? I think this last thought is pretty important in the current situation.

I’ve looked at this tour on a number of occasions, before booking it, during and obviously now. I can’t honestly say what is in someone’s heart I don’t know personally but I feel that Phil is of a respectful loving nature. His apologies were sincere and he has rightly suffered from his actions. Phil is someone who a large number of metal fans/bogans look up to and I believe it is extremely important that he show empathy and compassion regarding the tragedy in Christchurch. To be honest I hope if he plays he will renounce bigotry and the horrific inhuman acts and that this will make an impression on people that all humans are equal. He is a powerful figure that could really influence people for the better.

I am currently discussing with all parties on how we will proceed. Something good have to come from this tour if it’s going ahead in the next few weeks. On a personal note, I am not looking forward to traveling to Christchurch nor hosting a loud intense concert but I do believe in music as a healing power. We discussed on Saturday donating all profits, and $5 per ticket to the families involved with the tragedies. This would have been the case whatever acts were involved and it’s not just a token gesture because Phil could be involved. Racism is honestly heart breaking and I’m trying to make something positive from this tour. We will make a decision in the next 48 hours.

Please consider the following interviews with Phil.…/phil-anselmo-opens…/

He starts bluntly talking about the his harmful act around 20 minutes, his background at 30 minutes. It’s frank

Fan interactions

Below is a statement his booking company and I wrote a few months back

“I just want to address this point right away – we would never book anyone with ‘white power’ or ‘white power politics, or any other silly political agendas. No way. We need to make that very very clear – as music is our livelihood.

Phil Anselmo had an indiscretion a few years back while under the influence of substances that is widely documented; by making a very hurtful remark and idiotic gesture. He was (and very rightly so) torn apart by fans & media alike. He instantly (and continually) apologies for the action, and has made numerous donations to charitable anti-racism & underprivileged youth foundations. Phil has been on a road of recovery and redemption for the past couple of years; earning the second chance the overwhelming majority of the industry has given him. He know’s he messed up big time; and isn’t taking it for granted. Please read his ‘open letter apology’:

Im very reluctant to list the following points – as I don’t think anyone’s colour/creed/gender should be need to be raised – but I feel its important to quell any ‘race’ based issues as we are just about the music. The term ‘racist’ is all too easily being thrown around in the current climate, and it sticks like tar.

Members of Phil’s band are from Hispanic and Italian background

Palm is a Japanese band

members of Potion are of Asian background

members of King Parrot are different cultural backgrounds

members of the Soundworks Direct Touring team and Valhalla Touring are of very diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds

Phil himself is Italian

I think the majority of the music community has given Phil a second chance and forgiven him – but not forgotten.

If there was any way you could do the same – it would be greatly appreciated by both the music fans as well as all of our team members…and of course Phil & all the touring musicians who’s livelihood relies on playing shows.

I can empathise with a tricky position you might feel you are in – but this tour announce has shown us that the vast majority of Australia/New Zealand fans & industry members have decided to believe Phil and accept his apology as heartfelt and sincere.”

Again I’m totally against racism and giving it a platform. I’m still working out if something positive and unifying can come from this tour. I honestly don’t think Phil is racist but regardless his has committed a pretty terrible act in 2016.

I am hoping with all my heart that by him being open loving and communicating this to an audience we can educate and talk to members of society that have hate. He very much is not a role model but who better to talk about doing things right and with decency?