Oops! Church uses Lamb of God logo in Easter play

Posted by on April 22, 2014

Lamb of God has a pretty recognizable logo. Any metalhead worth his or her salt can pick out the lower case, slightly Arabic looking logo and know that it’s the long-running Richmond band’s. However, a church, also in Virginia, might not have gotten the memo, as their telling of the Easter Passion, which was also called Lamb of God, wound up using the band’s logo. LoG’s signature design was used on tickets for the Community Easter Drama, and eventually their Facebook page was forced to apologize for use of the logo, stating it wasn’t the “official” logo for the event.

We understand there have been some unfriendly comments online because of a graphic we used on one of our invitation tickets that had not been properly vetted. That graphic is on those tickets only and is not the “official” logo for the drama. We apologize for our mistake and for any confusion we may have caused. Now, back to our true purpose, and that is lifting the name of Jesus Christ!

It’s a great mix-up, because the band gets their name in the news again, and while the church was forced to apologize, their event wound up getting tons more press than it would have normally. We’re hoping no expectant metal fans showed up at the event, and an Easter miracle was had by all.

[via Metal Sucks]


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