Wilderun and Aeternam were forced to cancel their April tour due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Wilderun issued the following statement:

“It is with heavy hearts that we have decided to postpone our upcoming tour. With the growing concerns about COVID-19, we feel that postponement is the safest and most socially responsible decision we could make at this time.

Shows are a blast, but flattening the curve of the contagion is looking to be more and more paramount as the days progress. We encourage everyone to practice reasonable social distancing whenever possible, not just to protect themselves, but most importantly to protect those most vulnerable in our society.

We love you all, and we wholeheartedly thank everyone who was planning on attending, and who helped us organize everything thus far. We will monitor the situation carefully over the coming weeks and months, and hopefully get this tour rescheduled soon!

Stay safe, and much love,




Read Aeternam’s message below:

“As some of you may have seen, we had to cancel our April tour… As an independent band, we suffered a massive financial hit because of this cancellation. So, if you had planned on buying the album or a shirt during one of these shows, we encourage you to do it on our preorder campaign instead.

We have almost reached our goal, we just need a few more backers.

Support local artists, now more than ever! Thank you very much ❤🤘.

Campaign link : igg.me/at/aeternam4