Alien Weaponry working on new album; launches patreon due to COVID-19 uncertainties

Posted by on March 20, 2020


The good news, Alien Weaponry are working on their new album. The not-so-great-news, the group are uncertain how the rest of the year will pan out since New Zealand have closed their borders due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In preparation for a possible bleak future of show cancellations, the band are prepared as they’ve launched a Patreon account.


Read full statement below:

“So here’s the thing … we are heading into the studio to start drum tracking our new album … We are stoked to be doing this but feeling very uncertain about the rest of the year, given the rappid advance of COVID-19 and that New Zealand have just closed its borders … We have joined PATREON and are giving fans the opportunity to be part of that recording process and beyond, get a look into our world and get special content from us. With this in mind we will be putting up some historic footage (for sh*ts and giggles) including music/video from the 2014 “Zego Sessions” the first of which is going up today … Stay safe and THANK YOU for your awesome support!!! \m/\m/”


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