Australia has been hit with one of the worst bushfires with over fifteen people reported dead, hundreds of homes destroyed, millions of acres burned, at least 25,000 koalas have died, and nearly half a billion animals killed. Ne Obliviscaris have provided a few links in ways to help this catastrophic disaster:

“For those that are unaware, a lot of Australia is literally being burnt alive. If you’re wanting to know more or interested in helping out in some way, here are a couple of links – also, please post more links in the thread if you find any. Thank you to everyone helping, especially those risking their lives on the front-line.”

What’s happening to Australia is beyond devastating. These fires have created their own weather, such as “fire tornadoes.” KTLA lists ways to help donate to firefighters, relief, and wildlife organizations. For more information on these fires and how to help, go to this location.