Motörhead launch personalized t-shirt

Posted by on March 31, 2020

While we think this should have happened ages ago, the phrase better late than never applies here as Motörhead have finally launched a personalized t-shirt called, UMLÄUT YOUR NAME. Fans get to enter their name in a generator and it will look like the Motörhead logo. Following the design, you can order the $30 t-shirt online. You can start now by checking it out here.


“UMLÄUT YOUR NAME! Get your personalised Motörhead artwork to share or have it printed on a limited edition T shirt. Follow the instructions to add your name to the iconic Warpig design, a must have for all Motörfans! While you’re there, see if you can top the decibel leaderboard on EVERY PLAYLIST LOUDER THAN EVERYONE ELSE.“



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