Metallica’s James Hetfield appeared on ‘American Dad!’

Posted by on February 3, 2016

James Hetfield American DadMetallica are no strangers to animation (just ask The Simpsons and Dethklok). However, James Hetfield’s latest cartoon cameo may be the oddest. As it turns out, this week’s episode of the Seth MacFarlane animated comedy American Dad! features an appearance from Papa Het himself, playing a water polo couch who also is named James Hetfield (and the fact that he looks and sounds exactly like himself is part of a running gag throughout the episode). The show even features songs from Metallica, including water polo action scenes to “Master Of Puppets” and “All Nightmare Long,” while Hetfield makes puns about actually being the Metallica frontman throughout the entire episode.

The fact that anyone would think of depicting James Hetfield as a water polo couch (or any sort of swimming instructor for that matter) is beyond random. However, the fact that American Dad! actually got Hetfield to play along is pretty bizarre yet amazing. As of this posting, clips of Hetfield’s appearance online are sparse. However, below are a few low quality clips of scenes featuring Hetfield, while you can watch the entire episode titled “The Life Aquatic with Steve Smith” via TBS’ website and On-Demand for a limited time (and depending on your cable provider).


A video posted by Zach Shaw (@zshaw89) on

A video posted by Zach Shaw (@zshaw89) on

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