Metal Insider contributor Zach Fehl’s top 10 of 2015

Posted by on December 17, 2015

MetalInsider_FullSquare_BlackWhiteRed 400x400As 2015 draws to a close, we’re letting Metal Insider’s staff pick their favorite albums of 2015, in addition to some of the musicians that helped make some of it. You can see all of our picks so far here. Now we bring you Metal Insider contributor and former intern Zach Fehl’s list.


Gv3wo4P10) Orden Ogan, Ravenhead

I missed this on release, and only discovered that it came out this year a week or two ago. However, in that time I have become obsessed. This album has some of the best choruses I’ve heard all year, and you’ll understand why that’s saying something once you get further into this list. The track ‘Sorrow is Your Tale’ even features an appearance by Hammerfall frontman Joacim Cans, so that makes it a win in my book.

Recommended track: “Evil Lies in Every Man”


KD9) Chon, Grow

There is so much fun in this album. I often found myself forgetting how short it actually was, and before I knew it the album had been on repeat for its third time. This was also the kind of CD I could throw on at work and neither my boss nor customers would complain that my music was “too heavy” or “sounded evil.” So I guess that counts for something, right?

It may be the least “heavy” album on this list, but by no means is it any less deserving of its place here. Chon can pack eight minutes of groove and shred into a three minute song, and still have it come out sounding crisp and concise.

Recommended Track: “Splash”


Theswordhighcountry8) The Sword, High Country

On first listen, High Country sounds far more ‘classic rock’ than ‘sludge metal,’ but who’s really paying attention to that ‘genrefication’ stuff anyway? The Sword put out a great album full of the groovy licks and melodic hooks. Seeing them last week in Pittsburgh only solidified this albums place on this list, and probably bumped it up one or two because the songs just sounded that good live too.

Recommended track: “The Dreamthieves”

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