In a recent interview on the Classic Rock Magazine Show, Dave Mustaine made it official; Megadeth will be recording a new album in 2015.

Said Mustaine,

“We’re commencing the writing process right now and we’re going to start [recording] in January of next year. We’ll be touring in August with a very huge English metal band in the States and South America, and we’re hoping to get our record out sometime in the summer.”

The year 2015 will be a big year for the “Big Four,” as we’re expecting a new album from Anthrax, Lars Ulrich said there may be a new Metallica album, “hopefully next year,”  and Slayer entered the studio in August. The last time all four bands released an album in the same year was 1988, when Anthrax released State of Euphoria, Metallica put out … And Justice For All, Slayer put out South of Heaven, and Megadeth put out So Far, So Good… So What!