In a bold move to protect consumers from the horrific experience of surprise charges, President Joe Biden has made a pressure-induced initiative to end the excessive “junk fees.” These additional costs, tacked on at the end of purchases, have long plagued concertgoers and more. However, with pressure mounting from the Biden administration, several major companies, including Live Nation, the parent company of Ticketmaster, have committed to ending this practice once and for all starting in September.

Recognizing the significance of this issue, President Biden recently convened a meeting with industry leaders such as Live Nation, Airbnb, and SeatGeek to discuss implementing transparent pricing policies. Before the meeting, Live Nation and SeatGeek pledged to display all fees upfront for ticket purchases, an undertaking welcomed by the White House. It’s yet to be apparent whether this means we’ll see a decrease in ticket prices or remaining its outstanding inflated costs, but it will show transparency instead of adding on the surprise fees later on. Joining the cause, Iowa venue xBk is also expected to adopt this transparency policy. Responding to calls from the White House, Airbnb has already taken steps towards providing consumers with comprehensive pricing information by incorporating all fees into the final price since December.

In a statement released by the White House, it was affirmed that these voluntary actions by companies, both large and small, demonstrate their commitment to honest and upfront pricing for consumers. However, it was also acknowledged that this is just the first step towards addressing the issue of junk fees. President Biden appeared pleased with the progress, emphasizing that the crackdown on junk fees is gaining legit momentum. He also acknowledged more needs to be done to ensure fair pricing practices in the market.

President Biden’s campaign against junk fees began nine months ago, with his call for private companies to take action echoing in his recent State of the Union address. The issue’s urgency reached a tipping point when customers were confronted with exorbitant prices for Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated Eras tour tickets last November. However, the metal community has experienced these high costs and bot resale robbery takeovers long before. With growing inflation rates on nearly everything in this country, including the price of eggs, President Biden is trying to lower expenses and cut off hidden fees.

Speaking on behalf of the National Economic Council, director Lael Brainard conveyed the significance of President Biden’s initiative, stating that more companies are heeding his call for transparent pricing, empowering Americans to make informed decisions and possibly leading to saving money.

Following the meeting, Brett Goldberg, co-CEO of TickPick, shared his thoughts on the progress. While he deemed the meeting productive, Goldberg expressed concern that the measures taken might need to be revised. Goldberg emphasized the negative sentiment surrounding ticketing due to the prevalence of such practices, noting that while the cost is a concern, the additional blow of unexpected fees can feel like a betrayal when purchasing expensive tickets.

President Biden’s announcement marks a significant step in protecting consumers from deceptive pricing practices. By championing all-in pricing and urging companies to adopt transparent policies, he is working on building trust and accountability within the marketplace. As Live Nation and other industry giants commit to this initiative, it reveals that change is possible, and we can say goodbye to these ridiculous fees when purchasing tickets.