KoRn share cryptic teaser for apparent cover song

Posted by on July 27, 2020


KoRn recently shared a cryptic image, and fans seem to have solved the mishmashed hint. The group provided a clue via social media with scrambled letters on an outside signboard, reading “EHE DENITA WONT EOWG VO TELRGID.” Fans have already figured out the scrambled letters, suggesting the group will soon release a cover of Charlie Daniels’ hit “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” It can also be a delayed tribute to the late country artist who passed away earlier this month on July 6th. However, other fans jokingly expressed how these jumbled letters were lyrics to the band’s song “Twist” from 1996’s Life Is Peachy. Over the last few years, KoRn have been working on a covers album. This past May, guitarist Brian “Head” Welch mentioned the group has worked on “five or six” cover songs as they considered to revisit during the time of quarantine following the COVID-19 pandemic. While this is all speculation, it seems promising that we will soon hear at least one of these cover tracks. 


Check out the cryptic image below:


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