Killswitch Engage not interested in ‘The End of Heartache’ anniversary tour

Posted by on May 22, 2019

Anniversary tours have become a popular activity for bands over the last few years trying to celebrate a milestone in their career. But Killswitch Engage doesn’t want any part of it.
In a recent interview with Kerrang!, guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz said the band will not be celebrating the 15 th anniversary of their seminal 2004 album The End of Heartache.

“It’s kind of just a flash in the band, and then we move on for the next thing.”

That “next thing” is the band’s upcoming album, which they are looking to release sometime this fall.
It isn’t like the idea didn’t come up though. “It’s funny,” continues Dutkiewicz during the interview,

“our bassist, Mike [D’Antonio], was, like, ‘Hey, should we be thinking about doing a 15th anniversary tour for this record?’ and I was, like, ‘No! We should be thinking about this new record!’ We shouldn’t live in the past, y’know? I feel like there’s been too much of that recently. Maybe more people should focus on writing more material, and not just trying to rehash stuff, y’know? There’s just too much of that!

I’m happy that everyone agreed with me that it wasn’t a good idea, especially because we literally just finished our new record. So we have things to worry about.”

The End of Heartache marked a new period in Killswitch Engage’s career. The band’s third full-length, it marked the debut of frontman Howard Jones, who took over for Jesse Leach from late 2002 through 2012. It was also the band’s first album to chart in the US, debuting at number 21, and exposed them to a larger audience.

As stated before, Killswitch Engage is slated to release their currently-untitled eighth studio album
sometime this fall. In a new interview with Wired In The Empire, bassist Mike D’Antonio said that the album has been mastered and that the band had actually recorded too many songs for it. The new
album will be the follow-up to the band’s successful 2016 full-length Incarnate.
Though not a nostalgia tour, Killswitch Engage are slated to hit the road this summer on a co- headlining North American tour with Clutch. That will start July 8 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada and run through August 4 in Worcester, Massachusetts with stops around the mid-west and east coast. 


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