Jonathan Vigil of The Ghost Inside left bloody in Reno, NV

Posted by on October 26, 2015

Vocalist Jonathan Vigil of The Ghost Inside had a rough weekend, which may have stemmed from a Tweet back in March. Earlier this year he posted, “Fighting at shows sucks. It has always sucked and it will forever suck. Just stop.” Pretty innocuous, but apparently someone didn’t like his tone, leaving Vigil bloody in Reno, NV.

Vigil then posted a simple message on Instagram:

“Regardless of getting jumped for what I said about fighting at shows on Twitter, fighting at shows STILL sucks and will always suck.”

As pointed out by ThePRP, Martin Stewart of Terror – a band that doesn’t like The Ghost Inside – Tweeted his own message a short while after Vigils’:

““jumped” in ‘15 usually means “I got beat up but cant bear 4 the internet community that I’m seeking attention from 2 know that”. USUALLY.”

Regardless of the “Hardcore Fight Club Semantics,” The Ghost Inside tour continues tonight in Portland, OR.

(via ThePRP)

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