Joakim Brodén of Sabaton loses drunk bet, has to walk 323 miles to next gig

Posted by on September 21, 2015

While the Swedish war-themed power metal band Sabaton will be traveling by way of tank to their next gig, their frontman Joakin Brodén will not be joining them in that luxury. According a the Norwegian site TRD.by, (in their WTF section I would like to point out) the singer was on the losing end of a drunken bet that ended up him having to hike 323 miles from the band’s hometown of Falun, Sweden, north to Trondheim, Norway for the Trondheim Metal Festival. The festival dates are October 1-3, so he’s just in time for the weather to get nice and crisp for his journey.

“I will not go into details on exactly what happened, but I can say that it was fun and a bit silly. It started out almost as a joke, but it evolved to be quite serious. Now I will take a few days rest. I have made contact with some fans via Facebook, who have provided me with food and shelter.”

Sabaton Walk

Joakim has been documenting his journey with a video blog, and you can watch the first video below.

“Hi everyone, and welcome to my video diary. Today is a… yeah, today is a really shitty day. I got drunk as hell at a party last night, and I have a hangover, an we did some stupid stuff. I did a bet with my bandmates that I would walk, or run to our next show which is in Trondheim on 1, -2, -3 October at Trondheim Metal Fest. We’re bringing the tank and other cool stuff, but sadly it’s a long way to walk there since it’s a long f*cking way up to Trondheim! (552 km/323mi). And as you can see, I still have a bit to go. So, if you see a homeless Swede, walking along the E16 or the E6, it would be great if you can offer me a beer. Or, I don’t know, maybe some food too?  Cause now, I got like 70-80 km to Konsvinger, or more. And then, yeah. F*ck man, this sucks… I’ll see you guys in Trondheim.”


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