Jay Weinberg had no idea he was auditioning for Slipknot

Posted by on April 5, 2017

When Jay Weinberg officially joined Slipknot, replacing Joey Jordison on drums, it took some time to make the replacement publicly known. even though it was one of the worst-kept secrets in metal. In a recent interview on the Best Friends with Sam Pura Podcast, Weinberg reflected about how he joined Slipknot. He admitted he didn’t know he was auditioning for Slipknot when he went for the audition. In fact, he had no idea who he was auditioning for despite flying out to Los Angeles to attend said audition.

Weinberg revealed (transcribed by RockFeed):

“I finished school. Shortly after that I got a call to come out and audition for something. I wasn’t told what it was gonna be, but just like… ‘can you please come out to LA and audition for this thing?’ with no other information other than that and it was like, ‘well, yeah why wouldn’t I go check that out? Like, what’s the worst thing that could happen? I get a free flight to LA or something?”

He continued to express:

“So I just kind of followed that and it was just like alright go in that room… there’s a drumset. You’re going to audition for Slipknot right now. And that was it. Like half the band was there. We had become good friends over sixteen years. They watched me grow up as a person.’

‘It was me, Jim, Mick, Corey, and Clown. It was like, let’s toss this kid into the ring and see whatever the fuck happens with this, you know, with no expectations of what would happen. Because they didn’t know that I knew the band’s songs. They knew I loved the band but they didn’t really know to what extent I had studied the music.”

Weinberg admitted he was the only person to audition for this role.

The podcast is filled with Weinberg’s history including wanting to go to school for Marketing, growing up in New Jersey, and his ultimate decision to play drums. Check it out below:

[via RockFeed]

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