Iron Maiden now has Eddie Funko Pop! figures

Posted by on December 3, 2019

Are you a collector of Funko’s Pop! figures? Do you also love Iron Maiden? Well, your dream came true and the band’s mascot, Eddie is now a Pop! figure. Iron Maiden will be dropping these bad boys soon in 4 different versions, each correlating to the band’s first albums.

  1. “Pop! Iron Maiden Eddie”
  2. “Pop! Killers Eddie”
  3. “Pop! Number Of The Beast Eddie”
  4. “Pop! Piece of Mind Eddie”

Look for Iron Maiden to tour with Killswitch Engage in Australia in early May and then taking the tour to Japan and Europe for the rest of the month.


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Coming Soon: Pop! Rocks—Iron Maiden! https://www.funko.com/blog/article/coming-soon-pop-rocks-iron-maiden @ironmaiden #IronMaiden #Eddie #Funko #Pop #FunkoPop

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