In Flames make their own gin now

Posted by on June 27, 2017

In Flames have been keeping themselves busy, especially after releasing Battles late last year and the touring that goes along with it, along with parting ways with longtime bassist Peter Iwers. Some feel their latest album was a disappointment, suggesting they need some sort of kick or boost. With that said, it looks like their own brand of gin could help inspire these Swedish metallers to go back to their heavier roots. The group recently announced a limited supply of In Flames Signature Craft Gin No13 – Pink Pepper. It is known as vocalist Anders Fridén’s signature blend and, there are only 2,300 bottles available. Whether this helps with their inspiration or encourages them to cool down, we get to order our own bottle here.

While it doesn’t appear available in the U.S., have a foreign friend order a bottle, it’s only about $35 or so, and would wouldn’t want a Gin Flames and Tonic?



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