ghostpapastrellowine_638-511x1000One of the biggest parts of Christianity is the holy Eucharist, a sacramental rite where a communion wafer and wine stand in for the body and blood of Christ. The Grammy-winning band Ghost, consisting of Papa Emeritus III and a handful of nameless ghouls, enjoy playing around with the trappings of religion. Papa, with his evil Pope-like getup sings songs generally about Satan. In fact, their last album, Infestissumam, even has a song called “Body and Blood” on it. So it should probably come as no surprise that in the band’s homeland of Sweden, you can now pick up your very own Ghost-branded wine.

Ghost Papastrello is a red wine (of course) that’s a 2013 vintage that allegedly contains “intense scents of ripse cherry, with ample spiciness and light notes of withered flowers.” It’s and Italian wine that’s 13.5% alcohol. You’re probably wondering what Papa Emeritus III has to say about it though, right? Actually, he’s very understated about it:

“They say that this wine is the blood of Christ? I would argue otherwise. It’s fermented grapes. That’s all. Very nice fermented grapes… but fruit nonetheless.”

And while the wine isn’t available in the U.S. yet, they are once again seeking women to portray nuns for the upcoming tour in the states that requires they be 21 or older.