Former Ghost members plan to appeal dismissal of lawsuit

Posted by on October 19, 2018

On Wednesday (17th), the lawsuit against Ghost frontman Tobias Forge by four former bandmates was dismissed by the Swedish Court. Simon Söderberg (Alpha), Mauro Rubino (Air), Henrik Palm (Eather) and Martin Hjertstedt (Earth) are now disputing the dismissal and have vowed to appeal.

The trial was held in Linkoping District court and lasted for six days. The former Nameless Ghouls sued Forge back in April 2017 claiming missing wages and allowances for several years. The trial ended with a 108-page document dismissing the case as well as having the former members to pay the frontman’s legal fees that could reach up to $146,000 USD.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Michael Berg, has advised  SVT  that the verdict will be appealed as he also commented:

“We do not want to leave any comments about the appeal at this time.”


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