Faith No More reveal Sol Invictus album cover

Posted by on March 3, 2015

Faith No More fans have been waiting since 1997 for a new full-length album, and it’s coming on May 19th. To hold everyone over, two songs have been streamed online from Sol Invictus, “Motherfucker,” and “Superhero,” and we now know that the artwork featured on the “Superhero” reveal is actually the official album cover (as confirmed by the band’s Facebook).

Bassist Billy Gould recently told Marvel about keeping the recording under wraps:

“We didn’t even tell anybody that we were doing it. I mean, we didn’t tell anybody for about a year. Because we were recording in our rehearsal space, so there were not even any studios that knew we were recording. Nobody did. No engineers, nothing, it was just between ourselves. This was actually very empowering, because there wasn’t any pressure to do anything. We didn’t have to deal with anyone gossiping, or anything like that. We just kind of showed up and just played. So we kept it for about a year and a half, and then it got to the point where it was starting to come together and we told people.”

Faith No More announced a North American tour back in late January, which sold out in a flash. They’ll hit the road in mid-April for a month, in support of Sol Invictus, through May, with more tour dates supposedly on the way.




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