Enslaved announce ‘Cinematic Summer Tour’

Posted by on June 3, 2020


Enslaved have announced their Cinematic Summer Tour. Since the summer touring season is more or less cancelled, the group decided to take virtual streams to the next level by giving a cinematic touring experience. These Norwegian avant-garde metal masters have teamed up with three festivals to provide three different shows, which will be available on their YouTube channel. The cinematic trek will be free of charge. However, there will be a donation option, and exclusive merch will be available. 


Guitarist Ivar Bjørnson comments:

“‘We must stick apart’ is a proverb of Discordianism (a religion I might or might not have just made up) that might fit the situation we are all in now. We are all isolated in various degrees; and we all miss live music. So, we have stuck apart and with our fantastic team of super-people in management, label and booking, plus three of our best friends who happen to be the very creme de la creme of European Festivals; we are now able to present this digital festival-tour. We are already hard at work preparing sets and shows that will make this one for the (e-)books. Thank you for your support, faith in us and patience – to have fans like you is an absolute privilege. See you in the ether!”


Cinematic tour dates:

July 30th – as part of Roadburn, Chronicles of the Northbound. Fans will be invited by the festival to choose their favorite Enslaved songs.

August 20th – Presented by  Beyond the Gates FestivalBelow The Lights set.

September 30th – Summer Breeze Festival – Enslaved will perform their new album in its entirety, Utgard – The Journey Within 



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