‘Decibel’ wins at current events with fake Trump cover

Posted by on June 28, 2017

Yesterday, the Washington Post found out that President Trump, who accuses so many journalists of being “fake news,” literally had fake news up at his golf clubs. A supposed Time magazine with him on the cover about the eighth season of The Apprentice turned out to be about as real as the one you can buy at the boardwalk proclaming yourself the World’s Best Dad. It’s ironic as hell, especially now that Time has asked them to remove the fake cover.

At any rate, Decibel found a way to get in on the fun by mocking up a cover with Trump on the cover, posting it on their Twitter, and asking Trump to take it down from Mar a Lago. The whole cover is amazing, covering conservative or right-wing artists like Ted Nugent, Megadeth and Kid Rock, get in a dig at Gene Simmons’ attempt to trademark the devil horns, and even appropriates Trump’s speech with “So many riffs, the best riffs.” There’s even a Simpsons reference (Smarch 2017). Bravo Decibel, bravo.


[Via Metal Sucks]

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