Decibel Magazine Tour w/ Mayhem & Abbath cancelled

Posted by on March 12, 2020

While many of us dread this moment, it’s official, Decibel Magazine Tour w/ Mayhem and Abbath is cancelled. Following what we’ve heard on a possible hold on all Live Nation tours along with a ban on travel, we feared this was bound to happen. 


Read the full statement via Decibel Magazine below:

“In an effort to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous states and cities on the Decibel Magazine Tour routing have announced bans on gatherings in excess of 250 or 500 people (with many more expected to do the same in the coming days). As a result, we have been forced to cancel the Decibel Magazine Tour. Though it pains us to see so many plans disrupted as a result, we must remain committed to ensuring the safety of the bands, their crew, venue staff and, of course, the fans during this time.

For ticket refunds, please inquire at point of purchase. Thanks for your understanding and support of Mayhem, Abbath, Gatecreeper, Idle Hands and Decibel.”



Meanwhile, Insomnium aren’t sure “what’s happening” after tonight but, if you can make it, get to their Philadelphia show if you can.

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