Daron Malakian says System of a Down members “don’t necessarily see eye to eye” with band’s future direction

Posted by on May 15, 2019

Even though System of a Down have been performing onstage as of late, it seems fans will have to be content with these sporadic appearances as there’s no new music on the horizon anytime soon.

According to guitarist Daron Malakian, there are two opposing sides in the band. While the current dispute puts Malakian and vocalist Serj Tankian in different camps, it is by no means only between those two members.

In an interview on Talk is Jericho, Malakian had this to say about the situation…

“System had a certain way of putting together the albums and the music, and I guess that was me writing and all that, and producing the records, along with Rick [Rubin]. And Serj wants to do things a different way. And it’s not just me—it’s kind of three of us that don’t necessarily see eye to eye with where he would wanna take the band. So that’s kind of where we’re at. A lot of people think it’s just between me and him, and that’s not really the case.”

The bandmates have vastly different ideas about future publishing shares and creative input. One camp is in favor of keeping the status quo and the other is arguing for changes in the way the band creates and shares revenue from future releases.

All of this leads towards the ongoing situation preventing System of a Down from giving fans what many have been patiently waiting and hoping for since 2005’s Hypnotize. A new record.

On Friday (17th), System of a Down will be headlining the Sonic Temple Festival in Columbus, OH  and on Saturday (18th), the band will be headlining Chicago Open Air in Bridgeview, IL.


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