Chvrches receive gift package from Gojira after ‘Dia De Los Deftones’ feud with Jamey Jasta

Posted by on August 28, 2019

Last month, Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta wasn’t too thrilled about the lineup order to the second annual Dia De Los Deftones festival featuring Chvrches, Gojira, and more. According to Jasta’s opinion, he didn’t understand why the synth pop group listed as second on the bill and Gojira being the third act. It didn’t take long for Chvrches vocalist Lauren Mayberry to read Jasta’s thoughts on Twitter as the singer responded by expressing how excited she was when asked to be on the bill. 

Nearly one month after the Twitter beef, Chvrches spoke to NME about what happened as Mayberry explained how many people in the metal community were sticking up for the group and revealed how Gojira sent the group a merch package in response to the incident:

 “I thought it was really cool because it just showed that kind of thinking in the metal community isn’t stood for any more. And Gojira actually sent us a merch package so we got a crap tonne of Gojira t-shirts. That was really nice. It reflects the community and informs the community. I just didn’t understand. I was like, ‘That’s not what Deftones has ever been about’.”

Chvrches’ Martin Doherty added: 

“Who cares really? I mean, that guy. We’re living in different universes. What’s even the point in taking a swipe like that? I’ve been listening to Deftones since 1998 and they were always an alternative metal band. I wasn’t a huge metal fan but I was a massive Deftones fan. I think that anyone who’s narrow-minded like that totally misses the point of the band, as far as I can see.”

The second annual Dia De Los Deftones festival will be held at Petco Park in San Diego, CA on November 2nd. 


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