Chris Fehn’s lawsuit against Slipknot dropped

Posted by on November 4, 2020


The Chris Fehn-Slipknot legal battle looks to be over. Fehn has dropped his lawsuit against his former bandmates. 

According to a court document acquired by Rock Feed, Fehn’s lawyer filed a “Notice of Voluntary Discontinuance” on October 29 in the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Says the document: 

“Plaintiff CHRISTOPHER FEHN, by and through his undersigned counsel, and pursuant to NY CPLR § R3217(1), hereby affirms that the above-entitled action, be and the same is, hereby discontinued as against ALL DEFENDANTS, with prejudice and without costs to any party and this notice may be filed with the Clerk of the Court without further notice.”

The document states that Fehn is discontinuing his suit “with prejudice,” which Rock Feed says means that the case can not be reheard in court. It also says that he will not be seeking assistance with legal costs from the band.

Fehn first filed the suit against Slipknot members Michael Shawn “Clown” Crahan and Corey Taylor, former manager Rob Shore, his company Rob Shore and Associates and several of Slipknot’s business entities (including Slipknot Incorporated, Knot Merch LLC, SK Productions, LLC, SK Touring, Inc. and Knot Touring LLC) back in March 2019, claiming that there were extra business entities he had only recently been made aware of that only benefited Crahan and Taylor. The case sought to investigate these businesses and get an account of the band’s monetary assets so he can be “rightfully compensated.”

Back in September, it was reported that there was a ruling brought down by Justice Melissa Anne Crane that recommended the case for mediation.

Part of Fehn’s lawsuit had been dismissed prior to mediation. Also in September, it was reported that motion six, which implied that there was an equal partnership within the band and sought remuneration for “unjust enrichment” for the named band members, would cease to go forward. In that case, Justice Crane found that Fehn failed to provide adequate evidence for his claims. 

Following Fehn’s initial lawsuit, Slipknot revealed that they had let the percussionist go, saying at the time, “Chris knows why he is no longer a part of Slipknot. We are disappointed that he chose to point fingers and manufacture claims, rather than doing what was necessary to continue to be a part of Slipknot. We would have preferred he not take the path that he has, but evolution in all things is a necessary part of this life.” 

For his part, Fehn did not want to leave the band and has said that he hopes to reunite with them in the future.

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