Chester Bennington’s widow slams TMZ for releasing private information

Posted by on December 7, 2017

TMZ recently provided false information on Chester Bennington’s autopsy report claiming he had MDMA (ecstasy) in his system when he died. The gossip publication quickly corrected the information shortly after Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda blasted them for false reporting. Following the correction, TMZ released questionable information stating that Bennington attempted suicide nine months prior to his death. The late singer’s widow, Talinda, insisted that this information would be retracted from the report in order to protect her kids. Once Talinda saw TMZ released this information, she instantly slammed them on Twitter.

“Fun fact- When your husband dies by suicide, the LA County Coroner’s office will PARAPHRASE your private conversation with them to dramatize and sensationalize the story and then SCUMBAG FILTH like TMZ  post it for the world to feast on. It was redacted to protect all the kids!!”

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