Metal Blade Records welcomes Category 7, a new supergroup featuring John Bush, Phil Demmel, Mike Orlando, Jack Gibson, and Jason Bittner, to its roster. With members from Anthrax, Armored Saint, Adrenaline Mob, Machine Head, Overkill, Exodus, and Shadows Fall, the supergroup originated from discussions between Demmel and Orlando. Their debut is expected to arrive later this summer, with the first single dropping on May 2nd.

Bush comments:

“Mike Orlando’s and Phil Demmel’s awesome riffs made writing lyrics over the music a piece of cake. The rhythm tandem of Bittner and Gibson rounded out the sound and the connection felt like it was put together in the stars. Obviously, everyone being a veteran of the metal scene made it that much easier.”

Metal Blade Records’ founder Brian Slagel adds:

“Happy to welcome CATEGORY 7 into the Metal Blade family. Of course, some of them are already in! Seriously love working with this crew and it’s great stuff!”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Rob Shotwell