Burton C. Bell talks about the 25th anniversary of Fear Factory’s “Demanufacture”

Posted by on June 15, 2020


Kerrang! recently sat down with Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory and talked about the 25th anniversary of Demanufacture. In the feature, the frontman talks about guitarist Dino Cazares memorizing Pantera’s Cowboys From Hell because he loved Dimebag Darell’s picking technique.

“Dino and I used to live together back then and he memorised all of [Pantera‘s] ‘Cowboys From Hell‘, because he wanted to pick like Dimebag. And here’s a fun fact… the riff for ‘New Breed‘ is the riff for a Stone Temple Pilots song played backwards, ‘Vaseline‘, I think.”

Bell also talks about the impact Demanufacture had on their career and how it “stood the test of time”

“That album changed my whole career and opened up a whole lot of doors for us. I think it’s stood the test of time. Not just sonically and in production, but lyrically it holds true. For us, with the riots and everything, there was literally tension in the air, you could see it.”

Currently the band is put on hold due to legal disputes, which are even preventing the band to tour under a different name.

Read the entire piece over at Kerrang!

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