Attila has stirred the pot once again but this time after posting a picture of frontman Chris Fronzak and guitarist Chris Linck kissing on stage with the caption “‘Kisses For The Boys’ new single coming soon..” The photo drew some support but also caused people to get upset.

Fronzak responded to the backlash via Twitter:

If you think two girls kissing is hot but you talk shit when two dudes kiss go hop off a bridge real quick

Fragile masculinity is toxic

Hate me for my IG post
Unfollow me
Talk shit
I don’t care
I do what I want
My band is strange
We don’t give a fuck
And at the end of the day
We fuck girls way better than u

Attila has be known for getting under people’s skin and feuding publicly. I guess they can add this to the list.

You can check the actual posts below:


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“Kisses For The Boys” new single coming soon..

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