Atheist begins work on new album

Posted by on June 6, 2014

It has been a while since we’ve been able to come to you with any Atheist news. The last time we did, it was about a year ago when drummer Steve Flynn was hurt in a car crash. Not exactly the best of news. This time, it’s some awesome news, though. Atheist has announced that they will begin work on their fifth studio album. This album follows their 2010 comeback album Jupiter, which was their first album in almost 20 years.

In a brief statement about the state of affairs pertaining to the new album, the band said,

“Tony Choy will join us this go around, and having the endless rhythmic possibilities will be amazing. We will be working with producer Jason Suecof, (who) has such a vast wealth of knowledge of our history as well as our sound. We were lucky to be able to have him mix Jupiter, but this time he will be involved in the recording as well as the mix so that will be beastly!”

It seems that Atheist is ready to start blowing minds again, so keep listening for more updates on this upcoming album.



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